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First 12 Weeks: Week 3–Transcription and Resources

Hello and welcome. I'm Laura Ellis and this is week 3 in my First 12 Weeks Series. In this episode, in addition to briefly going over fact-based information about infant sleep, growth, and development, I will give you some tips and advice specific to infant feeding and introducing a pacifier.   Hopefully at this point baby has passed their birth weight and you’ve been given the go ahead to let baby sleep. If so, you’ll likely notice that they will cluster feed or have a handful of feedings throughout the evening right before bed. They will most likely have their longest sleep stretch of the night first and then they will likely wake up hungry every hour and a half to four hours until morning. This week they also might start sleeping a bit less—about 14-17 hours total in a 24 hour period. Before you get too worried, most often the added awake time is during the day. Their wake windows, or time between naps, during the day might be closer to an hour rather than 30-45 minutes and som

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